5 Ways to Style a Black Blazer for Spring


A black blazer is one of the most versatile pieces in your closet. It works with any look, be it casual or dressy.  For this post I came up with 5 ways to style a black blazer for Spring using my favorite blazer from COS Stores. I wanted to give myself a challenge to come up with a variety of looks – a few every-day casual and some that were a little more “grown-up” and going out. But to make this a real challenge, I had to use what was already in my closet. So I dug deep into the depths and pulled together 5 outfits that I really am thrilled with. Take a look below at what I came up with…

I’ve had this relaxed COS blazer for many years and it’s never let me down. For the first look I paired it with an off-white knit dress that I’ve had forever. The dress has alot of black detail and has quite a feminine look. But when paired with the blazer and some black ankle boots, it becomes less precious and much cooler. I love how the boots give the outfit an edgier vibe. Now a dress that felt a little too dressed-up for day feels casual enough to wear anywhere. It works! And I love how it turned out. 

This next look is much more casual and definitely the kind of thing I would wear anytime and anywhere. I used a pair of relaxed, high rise white jeans and paired them with a very cool graphic tee. After I threw on a pair of jeweled sandals and a little shell anklet, the look was complete! I really love how the black blazer contrasts with the all-white. And the neutral sandals add just a touch of shine. This is a great example of my personal style – I’m a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl but love using the blazer and shoes to take the look up a notch. Perfection!

The third look that I came up with for this blazer is my “adult’ look. It’s definitely a going-out feel with the all-black silhouette. Under the black blazer I’m wearing a tank with cut out sides. It has a very bare back and I personally wouldn’t wear it without something over it – so this blazer works perfectly. For the bottoms I used my ankle-length moto-style jeans with zippers. And for the shoes I used a pair of sandals that I’ve had for a long time – they have a little kitten heel with woven front and ankle ties. I think this outfit is exactly what I’d wear to go out to a cocktail party or dinner. I’m kind of obsessed with how it turned out…

For the fourth outfit I pulled out all my favorite pieces from my closet and threw on the black blazer and viola! I had another super cool, casual look. For the top I used a blue and white striped shirt that I’ve been wearing to death since purchasing a few years ago. I paired the shirt with my destroyed denim shorts – lots of holes, fraying and cuffs. These are definitely a part of my summer uniform. The real surprise was how well the strappy ballet flats worked with the look. All I had to do was add a few gold necklaces to finish it off. I absolutely love this fun, easy style vibe – I promise that you’ll find me wearing this on the street next week!

The final look is the trendiest out all five but I have to admit, I fell in love with it as soon as I put it on. I couldn’t decide between all the pics so I used them all – sorry! This look features the blazer belted over bike shorts and is all over Pinterest in street style pics, especially paired with boots. I really love the look with tall boots but I didn’t have any that worked so I decided to use some ankle length cowboy boots. Recently I found this pair when I did a Marie Kondo on my closet and I LOVE the way they look with this outfit. I used my leopard print belt and cinched the crap out of the blazer. And the result – maybe my favorite of all five looks!

I linked some great options for all the above looks below. And I’d love to hear which of the five looks is your favorite… leave me a comment on my say hi page and let me know what you think….

See you soon!.

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