Basic Outfit, Awesome Accessories


I often find myself wearing basic outfits – it’s just so easy to throw on a pair of jeans and a button front shirt before I run out the door. Easy… definitely, stylish…not so much. So I’ve been pulling out some cool accessories lately and I love the way it takes any outfit from meh to yay!

Now we all know that accessories can make an outfit but it’s not until you put them on that you realize their innate style power. Embrace the Power of Accessories! I promise you won’t be sorry.

But seriously! It’s amazing how just adding some jewelry or some cool shoes completely changes the style vibe of your outfit. I love the way throwing on a great necklace makes any outfit look finished – even just a t-shirt gets new life with some great accessories.. And of course there is the bag and shoes – need I say more!

In these pics I’m wearing a simple shirt and jeans and the fun is all in the necklace and shoes. I’ve had these gorgeous Allesandro dell’ Acqua pumps for over 10 years (seriously!)…. I’m telling you animal prints never go out of style!  And this silver and gold mixed chain necklace from Giles and Brother is at east 6 years old. It’s truly amazing how timeless the right accessory can be. I’ve bought less expensive things over the years but I find that the pieces that I’ve invested in have really stood the test of time.

So it’s time to go through your closet and pull out some of those great accessories that I know you haven’t worn for a while! Style them with basics and let the compliments start rolling in! Take a peek below to find some similar items to what I’m wearing here.

And drop a comment on my say hi page and tell me about your favorite accessory….do you have any as old as my shoes in these pics?

See you next time!

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