Bike Shorts


I hate to admit it but my bike shorts have become the go-to piece in my closet ever since they walked through my front door. I used to laugh at people wearing bike shorts outside of the gym. But this Spring I’m eating my words because I’m wearing my bike shorts on the street and they are the base of every cool outfit that I’ve been wearing lately. Funny how the style tables have turned….


I’m always fascinated at how fashion and style trends develop. Is it that we just need to be exposed to something enough times to make it acceptable in our minds? Or do we need to see it on someone that we view as a trendsetter or style authority and then we get the validation to wear it too? Or is it as simple as the mob mentality – we just go along with what everyone else is doing? 

It’s been a long time since my Psych 101 class so I can’t dive deep into the depths of the human mind and figure out what makes it tick. But I can tell you what I think looks great for this season, irregardless of what I thought of it a year ago. I live in the now, and right now I am obsessed with bike shorts!

I love a trend that doesn’t break the bank and you do not need spend a lot to get yourself into a pair of these babies – I picked these up at H&M for $9.99. This Spring you can find bike shorts in every shop on the corner or on-line. And because they’re such a simple style, there’s no reason to pay alot for a pair (obviously you’ll want to pay a little more for a performance fabric if you plan on exercising in them). The pair I’m wearing in these pics is a simply cotton/spandex fabric – easy and super comfortable. 

I did a previous post where I did a dressed up version of these bike shorts on the street, you can find it here. But for these pics I wanted to keep it really casual and easy. This is an outfit that I’ve been wearing alot over the past few weeks here in Brooklyn. I really love the look of the oversized shirt and the chunky sneakers. The shirt just makes the look feel a little more polished but it still has a cool, relaxed vibe. I’ve had this shirt for a few years and it’s one of my favorites. Although it looks like denim, it’s actually a super-soft lyocell (which is a fabric like rayon). It has a really pretty drape but it does wrinkle easily. Which is quite evident in these pics!

The hair clips add just the right amount of shine and glam – they’ve become a little obsession of mine this season. I have a bunch of different ones all in gold – which makes it easy to mix and match them depending on my hairstyle and mood. And there is no reason for me to go into all the reasons that I love chunky white sneakers – if you’ve seen any of my other blog posts or seen my insta feed, then you know what a huge part of my Spring wardrobe they’ve become. I just adore the silhouette they create with the bike shorts. 

If you’re interested in finding any of the pieces that I’m wearing in these pics, I’ve linked a bunch of similar items below. 

See you soon!

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