Blue Shirt Obsession


I’ve developed an uncontrollable obsession over the last year and believe it or not – it’s not food or cocktails….it’s blue shirts. I know, it sounds bizarre and maybe even a little boring – but hear me out!

Lately I’ve been super into comfort and the idea of a tight shirt does not fly with me. So about a year ago I bought a blue and white menswear striped shirt from one of my favorite stores – @zara. And that’s how it began…

I loved the oversized fit (I bought a size up), And the button front made it seem like I was somewhat dressed up, when really I was just a little lazy. I could wear it tucked in or loose – with jeans or joggers. The crisp poplin meant it held it’s shape and always looked fresh, even when it was wrinkled. I wore the sleeves rolled up when I was feeling casual and left them down with the cuffs unbuttoned for a more polished look. I was hooked….

I already had denim and chambray shirts in all shades of blue in my closet and this blue and white striped number fit right in. And then I bought more. Now I’ve amassed a small collection in all shades of solid blues and versions of blue and white stripes. One of the best things about these button front shirts is that I can wear them nearly year-round. The only time I pack them away is at the height of summer when it’s beach weather. Otherwise, they always work.

Fortunately the menswear trend that’s been happening for the last few seasons has produced great versions of this shirt at every price. Below are some of my favorite options to check out….

Do you have any clothing obsessions that you can’t stop buying? Leave a comment on the say hi page – I’d love to hear about it! 

See you soon!


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