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It’s January in NYC and the last couple of days have been freezing with temps in the 20’s. I’ve been wanting to get outside and do some new photo shoots but between the cold and some overcast skies, it’s been pretty easy to put off indefinitely. The other day as I was bundling up to head out, I took a look in the mirror and thought to myself….”that’s a great sweater”. And the “Cozy Sweater” blog post was born.

But since it was too cold to shoot outside I was forced to find a room in my house with some light for these pics. This is no easy task since we only have windows at the front and back of the house. And the little natural sunlight that gets through is blocked by the other buildings around us. Lack of sunlight is one of the things that you never hear about when people are raving about their Brooklyn brownstones. Well, I guess I’m here to burst a hole in the brownstone bubble – sorry! But seriously, it makes taking photos inside extremely challenging. So I decided to set up my mini photo studio in our upstairs bathroom, which has decent natural and overhead light. But back to the sweater….

This sweater was a gift last Christmas and I loved it from the moment I opened the package. It’s from Rails – a SoCal company mostly known for their shirts but they’ve really expanded their product offering over the last few years. If you don’t know them, you should! I’ve loved their stuff forever. The yarn is marled and chunky with lots of blues, greys, light purples and even a dash of pink. It’s the ultimate denim-friendly color – I wear it with blue, grey and black jeans. It’s incredibly warm and super cozy. I can’t even think of wearing it until the temperatures really drop. But once it’s cold, this sweater is my go-to layering piece. It just works with everything and always looks great.

For these pics I’m wearing my favorite blue and white striped shirt (check out my previous post confessing my love for blue shirts) and some relaxed high rise jeans from Zara – which are still available. I love the fit so much that I may have to do a post on them soon!

A marled yarn sweater is the kind of piece that everyone should have in their closet – it’s a classic and never goes out of style. Whether it’s a crewneck, funnel neck or even a cardigan – the multicolored yarn guarantees that it goes with everything. Now is a great time to shop for sweaters – so much is on sale right now. And the winter is just ramping up – at least here in NYC. Which means that I have a few more months to wear this awesome piece…

Here are some great marled yarn sweater options to shop right now:

Frame (gorgeous shades of pink and rose)

Ganni (stunning blues)

Demylee (rich, deep magenta and pink)

Monki (pretty beige and tan neutrals)

&Daughter (the ultimate denim-friendly blues)

Madewell (beautiful grey with cable detail)

Ulla Johnson (perfect multicolor)

Do you already have a favorite marled sweater? I’d love to hear about it, leave me a comment on the say hi page.

See you next time!

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