Fall Fashion in Hot Temps…


August is a tricky time of the year for fashion. Here in NYC it’s still really hot outside but Fall is on everyone’s mind. How can you balance the urge to start dressing for Fall with the need to stay cool? I struggle with this every year around this time. I just don’t want to let go of summer but I feel myself being pulled by an invisible style rope towards Fall fashion.
So I decided to come up with an outfit that could still feel summery but with a distinct nod to Fall fashion. This Fall transition look was a lot easier to style than I thought it would be. I just used what I had in my closet and came up with an outfit that can seamlessly shift from the steamy days of August into the cool days at the end of September. 

I purposely avoided any white in this look which was key to making it feel a little more Fall-friendly. Don’t get me wrong – I love white in the fall and winter. But I like to pair it with some different sweater textures, layers and neutral colors to give it a cooler-weather look. That wasn’t going to work for this particular outfit since it needed to be worn in 80 degree temperatures. 
So I decided to use my black cut-off denim shorts as the base of my Fall transition look. They work with anything and are the perfect length – not too short and not too long. I also love that they aren’t tight on my thighs and they are high waisted (although I would be happy if they were even higher!) I found them at Mango last summer. 

For the top I used a very light blue striped shirt and I think it’s perfect. It has a great structured look since it’s a cotton poplin and, of course, it looks great with the sleeves rolled up. I’m a huge fan of blue button down shirts – you can check out the blog post I did about my little obsession here.

But I really think the defining feature of this look is definitely the black ankle boots. These really carry the outfit into Fall while still looking really cool right now. Sandals would have made it feel too summery but the boots just ground the outfit so nicely. And I love how the fedora gives the look a slightly more “put together” vibe. A little less casual and a little more chic. I love it!

I’d throw on a blazer or an oversized cardigan to continue to wear this right into October or on a chilly September night. I linked a few current options of all the pieces in this Fall transition outfit below. How do you manage dressing for fall when it’s still so hot out?  I’d love to know! Leave a comment on my Say Hi page.

See you soon!

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