Furry Sandal


I got these furry sandals about a year ago and I think they are one of the coolest things in my closet. They are by UGG and you can find them here. And as a bonus they are on sale for only $59.99!

The color is a very light tan and it goes with everything I wear. They are beyond comfortable and whenever I have them on I feel completely chic. I wear them more indoors as a slipper – I can’t imagine what they would look like after a summer of walking in Brooklyn. But I do venture out in them once in a while and I took these pics a few weeks ago on an unseasonably warm Spring day.

I styled them in my Top 5 Spring Styles to Buy blog post – you can check it out here. I love the way they look with the trench coat and the relaxed white jeans. It just feels cool and put-together. I’ve found some other great furry sandal options – check out the links below…

What do you think about these sandals? Would you wear them? I’d love to hear what you think – drop me a comment on my say hi page…

See you next time!

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