Must-Have Spring Sneakers 


Spring sneakers are a must-have style for every fashion girl. There are so many great options to choose from right now so I thought I would put together a post that gave a good rundown of all the styles out there. I wear sneakers just about every day so I’m thrilled that they’ve become such a fashion staple. And I wear them with everything in my closet. The only problem is that there are so many great ones in the stores that I want them all! Read on to get your sneaker fix…


The Chunky Sole

I really did laugh out loud when I heard the terms dad and grandpa sneakers. Only because it’s so true. I can speak from personal experience that my dad has sported the all-white sneaker for years. But I guess it’s true that Dad knows best – because this sneaker has really taken over street style for the last year. It’s such a great look that literally goes with everything. I love the way the all-white stands out and makes a statement when worn with an all-black outfit. Once you have a pair in your closet, it’s really a game changer because you’ll wear them every day.

I love both the all-white and the colored versions of this sneaker. I’m wearing my white ones in these pics and I have my eye on a few colored versions of this shoe too. There’re so many cool ones to choose from right now.

The Balenciaga Triple S sneaker started this revolution but at $895 it’s not something the average sneaker-lover can afford. Here are some great options in both all white and color that won’t break the bank… 

Classic Flat Sole

The sneaker that started it all – think Converse, Vans, Adidas Stan Smith, Tretorn and more recently Golden Goose & Veja. Even Gucci has their versions of this classic. I’ve worn Vans for years and more recently have invested in a few pairs of Golden Goose. I’m always partial to styles like the Van’s Half Cab and Golden Goose Mid-Star – both of which sit a little higher up the ankle but are not quite a high top. These GG sneakers I’m wearing in these pics aren’t new – I’ve had them for a few years but they are so perfectly classic that they are on heavy rotation. And it helps that they are denim – which goes with everything in my closet! And our new puppy, Rocco, loves them too! Take a look at my favorite flat sole sneakers below….

The Sock Sneaker

I have to admit that I haven’t embraced this sneaker style yet. I like my sneakers to have a little more body to them. But this is a seriously popular trend and it warrants mentioning. I see tons of girls wearing these sneakers and they look mighty comfortable. I think they’re a great option if you have a more refined style. They have a very cool sleek and modern look. I’ve included a few street style pics here so you can see how cool these sneakers look. And I’ve linked a few of my favorite options too…. 

The Urban Hiker

As you know I am a huge fan of chunky shoes so the Urban Hiker sneaker trend is right up my alley (I’ve also heard it called the Trail Trainer). It’s the evolution of the chunky sole with some additional details. I love some of the styles in the shops right now – especially the ones with cut-outs (Ganni) and the Gucci ones with the embellished and jeweled details. I love this style with skirts and dresses more than pants for some reason – maybe its the juxtoposition of the chunky and feminine. This style has yet to make an appearance in my closet but I have my eyes on a couple pairs. Here are a few pics from the street and editorial and I’ve linked some of my favorites below…

Sneakers are such a huge trend right now and these 4 styles are really only scratching the surface of what’s out in the market right now. So do you have a favorite sneaker style? I’d love to hear what you think of the above styles! Drop me a comment on my say hi page and let me know if I covered your favorite!

See you soon!

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