Oversize Denim Jacket


I’ve just added an oversized denim jacket to my arsenal of denim and it’s changed my life- seriously! I own many denim jackets in all different washes and fits. Yet I didn’t realize I was missing the all – important relaxed style. Fortunately my eyes have been opened to the error of my ways. This is how it happened…

Recently my husband Brian and I did a Marie Kondo on a closet that holds most of our jackets. We got rid of a ton of things (look out for my Poshmark shop soon!) and hidden in back was this vintage Lee jacket. Brian hadn’t worn it in years, it was a little tight on him – as most things are that we wore 20 years ago.

I thought I heard him say he wanted to “save it for our boys to wear when they are older” as I grabbed it and ran to the mirror. I slipped it on and it immediately felt like an old friend. The wash was perfect, the fit oversized but in the best way. The length was just right and the sleeves a little wide but great for layering sweaters under in the fall. I swooned as I took in all the angles I could see in the mirror.

I just love authentic vintage denim – the indigo is always the right shade of blue and the fading and distresssing is perfect. It’s nearly impossible to replicate in new denim – believe me, I know, I designed denim for nearly all of my career in fashion. And it’s really tough to find old denim these days in this condition, everything is over-priced and picked-over.
This jacket has been on my back every day since I got it and I’m in love. I can’t wait to pair it with some dressier pieces, I’m sure it will look great. For these photos I threw on one of my everyday outfits – a graphic tee, split-front leggings and my chunky sneakers. I’ve linked some beautiful relaxed denim jackets below along with a few other pieces in case you want to shop the look I’m wearing in these pics.
Do you have more than one denim jacket in your closet? Drop me a comment on my say hi page.
See you next time!


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