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Wearing more than one pattern at a time can be tricky. There’s a fine line between looking cool and looking a bit like a clown. There are tons of pics out there of style stars wearing an outfit with two or three bold and clashing prints. But let’s be honest – how often do any of us see that IRL? I live in NYC and I rarely see it – it’s just too over-the-top.

But it’s really easy to wear a few different patterns as long as you keep it simple. There are a few ways to do it – the first being to wear multiple patterns and prints that are all in the same color family.

Another easy way to mix patterns is to wear one bold, multicolor pattern with other patterns that are monotone (think of a pattern in just one color mixed with white). I did it in this outfit and I love the look!

My scarf is a traditional tartan-style, multi-color plaid. The jacket is a glen plaid in shades of grey and the shirt is blue and white striped. Even though they’re both patterned, the jacket and shirt feel like they take a step back and let the scarf be the focal point of the outfit. It also helps that the grey of the jacket and the blue in the shirt can be found in the scarf. It’s almost like I planned it!

The shirt and jacket pick up on the menswear trend that’s happening for Fall/Winter and the multicolor tartan plaid is always in style for the colder months. Oh, and I threw in the leopard print belt just because….Grey jeans and white sneakers finish off the look.

I pulled all these items from my closet but you can find similar versions of the scarf here and here. I like these two options for the plaid jacket here and here and I found these two choices for the striped shirt here and here. There are so many sales going on right now – it’s a great time to stock up on these styles. I guarantee that you’ll be wearing them next year too!

See you next time!

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