Shell Story


Shell jewelry is my favorite jewelry trend for Spring and Summer. It has a distinctly 70’s style which I love and it works with any outfit. The light and airy colors are perfect to pair with everything in my closet and they look beautiful with gold chain accents.

I started to see a few shell anklets and necklaces in some street shots last summer and I was smitten. I had visions of running down the beach Bo Derek-style wearing my shell jewelry and possibly cornrows. Although this image never became reality, I knew that this was a trend that I could embrace whole-heartedly. I think I’ve got lots of 70’s vibes running through my veins.

Fast forward to this Spring and shells are EVERYWHERE! I’ve picked up a few different pieces and have been wearing them on heavy rotation. My favorite piece by far is the anklet. Anklets have been on my radar for a while and I just haven’t gotten around to getting one. This shell version is perfect with a little gold chain attached. And as a bonus I wear it as a bracelet too! Since it’s a little big, I mix it with some multicolored beaded bracelets and my watch to keep it in place and not hang down over my hand. It works perfectly and I love the look.

There are so many great shell necklaces available right now too. I am a big fan of wearing multiple necklaces so I love that so many are being sold as sets. The choker and pendant combo that I’m wearing in these pics is really versatile – I looped the pendant around my neck twice so it sits closer to the choker. And I’ve been wearing both pieces separately mixed with some layered gold necklaces. I’m obsessed!

I’ve linked some of my favorite shell styles down below.  I’d love to hear what you think about this look – drop me a comment on my say hi page…

See you next time!

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