Slit Hem Leggings


Spring is in the air here in NYC and slit hem leggings are a key piece for warm weather style. I don’t know about you but I’ve felt really unmotivated this winter. The combination of the pandemic, cold weather and everyone at home has really started to drive me a little crazy. So when the temperatures hit the mid 60’s this week, I jumped at the chance to get outside and take some pics. And the very first outfit I wanted to shoot had to include these slit hem leggings.
 Any type of slit hem pant or legging is so hot right now and I love the different takes on this trend. You’ll find slim pants, leggings and even wide leg trousers with slit hems. And the slit can be on the front, side or even the back – no matter where it’s placed it looks so fresh.

I actually found the slit front leggings that I’m wearing in this post over 2 years ago from Zara. I remember seeing them  online in a photo for a top but I couldn’t find them available to purchase anywhere on the site. I literally stalked the site daily until they finally appeared. They sold out quickly and I didn’t really see versions of this trend in too many places at the time. But I loved them so much that I featured them in some of my first blog posts – you can take a peek at how I styled them here and here.

So now that they’re at the top of all the Spring Must-Have lists, I knew it was time to feature them again. For this look I wanted to do something very simple and casual – a real-life outfit that I’m wearing on a regular basis. These leggings have a front seam and an invisible zipper at the front hem which allows you to adjust how much of an opening you want. I love having them unzipped just enough to fall over the back of my sneakers. These leggings happen to be very long so they work equally well with heels.

But let’s talk about my obsession with these Nike sneakers! I found them dirt cheap during the Nike Black Friday sale and this is literally the first time I’ve worn them because I didn’t want to get them dirty! The winter here in NYC was so wet and snowy that I tucked them away into the back of my closet in anticipation of the warm, sunny day that I could wear them. And today was that day! I love the tortoise shell pattern on the swoosh and the black and white sole has a really cool, modern shape. Since I plan on wearing them every day I’m sure you’ll be seeing them featured again in future posts.

I topped off this look with a loose fitting chambray shirt worn over a black lace bralette. I’ve been wearing bralettes for years and I love that they are such a trend right now. And my addiction to any style of blue/white/denim button front shirt is well-documented in many of my blog posts – I basically wear one every day. I added an oversized quilted vest in a few shots and I like the winter-into-sping transitional look that it gave the outfit – I’m a sucker for anything oversized, especially coats & jackets.

I linked some of my favorite slit hem leggings and pants down below along with a few bralettes and chambray shirts. My Nikes are sold out but I did find a few cool versions that I included as well.
See you soon!


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