Strappy Flat Summer Sandal


I’ve been searching for a comfortable strappy flat summer sandal for quite a while and I’ve finally found the perfect pair. There is a simplicity in these sandals that I really love. I just adore the color – it makes my feet look much more tan than they really are! And there is a hint of metallic in a few of the straps so they look more interesting than a basic one-tone sandal. 

I started my search for a new strappy flat summer sandal a few seasons ago when my absolute favorite ones from Zara started to fall apart. I featured that sandal in a few recent blog posts that you can read about here and here. The strap pattern was very unique but I think what I loved most about theoe sandals was the small gold studs. They added just the right amount of glam to a basic outfit.

While I can still get away with wearing those beauties once in a while, I really needed to find a new pair that I could wear every day. I searched high and low for a sandal with studs but could never really find something I loved. And while there were a number of basic tan flat summer sandals out there, I wasn’t crazy about any of them. 

The one I fell in love with has a decidedly more casual look than my favorite from season’s ago. But it looks amazing with everything in my closet.  It’s the ultimate neutral shoe and the true definition of a naked sandal. It just slips on and is outrageously comfortable. I wear it with all-white and all-black and it looks totally cool. And obviously it works great with denim and any other color I might happen to wear.

Sometimes simple is best. These sandals are certain proof of that. After searching on all my favorite fashion websites, I found them at Zappos and they were a steal at just $39. You can find them here. I’ve linked few other great tan-colored strappy flat summer sandal options below. Happy summer shopping!

See you soon!

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