Winter Floral Dress


Winter floral dresses are one of my favorite cold-weather styles. But I have to admit that it can be tricky to wear a dress in NYC during the winter. And I refuse to wear tights, in fact I don’t think I’ve worn them in at least 10 years. So leggings are my option to keep my exposed legs warm when the mercury drops.

But a few days ago the temperature was up to 60 degrees so I ditched the leggings and headed out to shoot some pics with one of my favorite floral dresses. This black floral print has a vintage look and the colors are muted which I really like for the cold weather. And it’s a maxi length with an empire waist – super flattering and elongating. I styled it with a lightweight turtleneck underneath which is how I wear it when the temperatures are chilly. Frankly, I didn’t need it since it was so warm but I really loved the way it looked. I tried on both a black turtleneck and this light grey one and went for the grey, the black just seemed a little heavy looking. I think it might have to do with my dark hair and fair skin but I was feeling a bit like a vampire.

Of course the only option for shoes was sneakers. It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with dresses and skirts with sneakers. This is a trend that I can get on-board with. I’ve always been a huge sneaker girl and now that they are all the rage, my feet are exceptionally happy. I walk ALOT and as much as I would love to wear my closet full of heels, boots and pretty sandals, the sneakers always call to me. And I have no choice but to answer! 

If it was chilly I think I would have worn one of my cardigan sweaters over this dress and belted it. A belted sweater would look more chic and less grandma. But as you can see from these pics – no extra layers were needed. It was so bright, sunny and warm that I got a severe case of Spring fever. I plan on wearing this winter floral dress as the temps get warmer – I’ll just change “winter” to “vintage” and I’ll be ready to go!

I shot these pics in Red Hook which is a cool neighborhood here in Brooklyn. It’s very old and has an industrial vibe with lots of cobblestone streets. The waterfront is beautiful – if you look really hard you might be able to see the Statue of Liberty in the harbor behind me. This is one of my favorite places to come when the weather is warm – there are nice breezes from the water and you can smell just a hint of the sea. Can’t wait to take more pics here later this Spring and Summer.

The dress that I’m wearing is old but I found a few great options herehere, and here. The exact turtleneck can be found here along with a few others here and here. The sneakers are also old but here is a very similar pair. And here and here are some less expensive options.

I’d love to hear what you think about this look – drop me a comment on my say hi page…

See you next time!

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